Our Speakers

Br. Shafi,
The President of UIRC

Has been a student of comparative religion for about 12 years during which he gained in depth knowledge of major religions i.e. Islam, Christianity &  Hinduism.

The General Secretary of UIRC

He is a student of comparative religion and has a diploma in Islamic Studies from Ibne Hajar Al Asqalani, Hyderabad. He is a dynamic speaker in Telugu language as well as in Urdu quoting verbatim from Qu’ran and other Religious Scriptures.

Syed Ilyas Ahmed,
The Joint Secretary of UIRC

He is a dayee and Program coordinator. He has conducted many major programs of UIRC successfully. He has delivered talks on Islam and universal brotherhood.

Mohammed Qizer,
The Vice President of UIRC

The Vice President and event manager of UIRC is a well known social worker and has involved himself in Islah and Da’wah work with continuous efforts.

About UIRC

Rujumargam is a first Socio, Educational and religious Telugu Tv Channel. Promoting Peace, Communal harmony, National integrity and Universal brotherhood in the Telugu Language, especially to the 100 million Telugu speaking population

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