Brother Shafi, President, UIRC

Brother Shafi, President, UIRC
He is a student of comparative study of Islam and Christianity.

He has a Masters from Osmania University in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work. He is an expert in personality development and founder of “Inspiration Unlimited”, an institution of personality development. He had various debates with many Christian religious leaders on issues like “Whether Christ was crucified? “In the light of Quran and Bible”, “What is the position of Hazrat Esa in the light of Quran and Bible”, “Who is God? In the teachings of Hazrat Esa?”, “Mention of Hazrat Mohammed (PBUH) in Bible”, “The Facts and Misgivings about Islam”.

To educate Christians about the facts, Brother Shafi has released a book “Have you attained Salvation”? His work of presenting the facts about Hazrat Esa (Jesus Christ) in the light of the teachings of Quran and Bible, scores of Christian Missionaries were affected. He has delivered many lectures in Churches. He also did many programs in schools and colleges on Personality Development.


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