Brother Sirajur Rahman, General Secretary, UIRC

He did his Diploma in Islamic Studies from Jamia Ibne Hajar Al Asqalani, is the student of comparative studies of Islam and Hinduism and has command over Telugu and Sanskrit, the ancient language of India.

He is actively working to create awareness regarding the facts about Hinduism and similar religions like Buddhism and Jainism accordingly with Islam. His powerful and inspiring speech on oneness of God and His last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has affected the non Muslims.

He also had debates with Hindu Pandits and scholars and also addressed many programs at many temples and Ganesh Mandaps. He addressed people on various subjects like “How Hindus and Muslims can unite”? “How the World Peace can be achieved”?, “Jihad and Terrorism in accordance with the Religious Scriptures” and “Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in the light of Vedas, Bible and Quran”.

Brother Sirajurrahman

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